Jason Statham is Action Man in the G.I. Joe Movie?

On the heels of news that Stephen Sommers (of “Mummy” fame and “Van Helsing” infamy) has been offered to the job of directing the live-action version of “G.I. Joe” at Paramount, here’s an intriguing rumor that the Transporter himself, Jason Statham, may also climb on board to join Mark Wahlbeg, who has long been connected to the movie in the part of the Joe’s leader, Duke. Statham would play something called “Action Man”, which I have never even heard o.

From IESB:

One of our other GI Joe informants has sent over some additional top secret information in regards to the film. Yes, Mark Wahlberg is still the first choice to play Duke and we can add that Jason Statham is the first choice to bring the British Action Man character to life.

And then this about the script for the movie:

One thing we can say for certain, the Skip Woods script was written with Wahlberg and Statham specifically in mind and they are the first choice for Duke and Action Man.

Our source has also reconfirmed that elements of both scripts are being used for the new potential final script. The Skip Wood’s origins aspects will be used alongside the Elliott/Lovett character storylines.

The producers are keen on keeping the Action Man character in the film to make marketing of the film easier abroad including using that name for international territories to avoid any potential negative reactions that some parts of the world may have with the name GI Joe.

The new GI Joe/Action Man team is expected to be made up of various individuals from around the world and will not be exclusively American or British. The characters will still be based from the original cartoons, toys and comics but with a globe-trotting flavor.

Geez, maybe they should try to make a decent G.I. Joe movie first before starting to cross-promote with other toy lines.

To be honest, I don’t even know why they’re bothering with Duke et al. All I and any of the fanboys want to see is maybe an Origins Story of Snake Eyes and have him duke it out with Storm Shadow for 90 minutes. Is that too much to ask? And Jason Statham as Snake Eyes? I can dig it.

Jason Statham is Action Man in the G.I. Joe Movie