Jason Statham to Get Blitz

Jason Statham versus a serial killer who only targets cops? I envision a final face-off that, for whatever reason, ends with Statham taking off his shirt and flexing a lot. Of course I could be wrong, but hopefully not. (Am I right, ladies? And, er, some of you guys out there?) News from Across the Pond is that Statham is currently in negotiations to front the crime actioner “Blitz”, which will have the “Transporter” star playing one of those determined cops assigned to track down the murdering bugger (as they say over there). He won’t be doing it all by himself, of course. Paddy Considine (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) will be lending a hand as his partner.

Variety says the London-set “Blitz” will be coming to you courtesy of the UK arm of Lionsgate, which is looking to branch out after finding success with last year’s “The Bank Job” (also starring Statham). The studio has already assigned Elliott Lester (“Love is the Drug”) to direct from a script by Nathan Parker, whose only other credit is the Sam Rockwell sci-fi mystery “Moon” for director Duncan Jones.

Shooting on “Blitz” is expected to commence August 10 in London for a 2010 release.

Below: “Okay, okay, I’ll keep my shirt on. Geez, it’s not my fault you guys are flabby, you know. It’s called a gym, look into it.”