Jason Statham’s The Transporter Gets Rebooted … With a New Transporter

Ed Skrein in Game of Thrones

Luc Besson loves him some transportin’. After three “Transporter” movies starring Jason Statham, the French auteur has decided to reboot the franchise, 6 years after the last movie in 2008.

Except this time, someone else will be doing the transportin’, which either means Statham, who played the character in the last three movies, decided he’d rather not do a fourth, fifth, and sixth (predictably, Besson is already making noise about a “new trilogy” even before the first rebooted movie is out), or Besson is taking this “reboot” stuff seriously and is recasting.

The Transporter 3 (2008) Movie PosterInstead of Statham, Besson has decreed that “Game of Thrones” actor Ed Skrein, who plays charming mercenary Daario Naharis in the HBO fantasy series, will be stepping in behind the steering wheel. Skrein will take over the role of Frank Martin, with the new trilogy expected to focus on Martin’s origin story, along with his relationship with his father.

Because obviously everyone is dying to know what made Frank Martin decide he wanted to go into business transporting dangerous items for bad guys … before, inevitably, deciding to betray his employers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — for a guy who makes a living delivering things for shady people, Frank Martin has a terrible track record. Who the hell keeps hiring this guy? Man, criminals are dumb!

Camille Delamarre, who recently directed the “District 13” remake “Brick Mansions” with Paul Walker (also for Besson), will helm the first movie in the proposed new trilogy, with production scheduled for June of this year.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are dying to see that “Transporter” TV series starring Chris Vance as Frank Martin, the show is coming to TNT later this Fall. That show co-stars Andrea Osvárt.

Which means, yes, there are now three people who have played the Transporter so far. Who knew this franchise had such legs?

Chris Vance in The Transporter TV Series Poster

Via : Variety