Jay Chou Has Kung Fu Dancing Moves in U.S. Trailer for The Rooftop


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I guess you could say that former “Green Hornet” star Jay Chou’s “The Rooftop” is sort of like that TV show “Glee”, what with the kids singing and dancing and whatnot. It’s kind of like that show, but with some kung fu thrown in, and no one is doing those weird, constipated singing faces that they tend to do on the show. Or at least, the few episodes I’ve seen, anyway. And did I mention kung fu? Dancing kung fu? Yeah, there’s some of that, too.

Check out the U.S. trailer for Chou’s “The Rooftop”. I’m not sure who will be flocking to see this thing, since I’m guessing the same kids who watch “Glee” wouldn’t be caught dead watching anything with subtitles. Reading is, like, really hard, ya know? The kung fu fans, then? Probably a little too much dancing and singing for their tastes. Who, then? I guess we’ll find out.

Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou, drawing on his years as an actor, director, and recording star, creates a fantasy playground of music, moves, and magic as a backdrop to an action comedy which pays homage to the wondrous musicals of the past, while exploding to life with today’s sound and spirit.

Starring Jay Chou, Eric Tsang, Wang Xue Qi, Fan Xu, and Alan Ko.

Opening in limited release Stateside courtesy of WellGo USA this July 19th.

The Rooftop (2013) Movie Poster

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