Jaycee Chan is in a Bit of Double Trouble

Jessica Cambensy and Jaycee Chan in Double Trouble (2012) Movie Image

Jaycee Chan is, of course, son of the legendary Jackie Chan, who may or may not be quitting action movies, depending on who you ask. In “Double Trouble”, the tyke is flying solo in one of those movies reminiscent of his dad’s earlier works back in the ’80s. Unfortunately this doesn’t involve Jaycee Chan playing twins or double, or else this would have really had an ’80s vibe. It certainly looks stylish enough, and coming from David Chang, the action director of the insane “Let the Bullets Fly”, the action should be fast and furious and nuts. The film is hitting Stateside this June 8th in select theaters, but check out the trailer for it below first.

Two security guards — one from Beijing, one from Taipei — are forced to work together to track down a legendary Chinese painting that has been stolen by international art thieves. Jaycee Chan, Xia Yu, Deng Jiajia, Jessica C and Shoko star in this ballsy action comedy from the action director of “Let The Bullets Fly”!

The film also stars Xia Yu, Deng Jiajia, Shoko, and model Jessica Cambensy.

Double Trouble (2012) Movie Poster