JCVD and Scott Adkins’ Weapon Re-Titled Assassination Games

According to Jean-Claude Van Damme, his upcoming actioner with Scott Adkins, “Weapon”, has since been re-titled “Assassination Games”. The Muscles from Brussels made the announcement on his Twitter page, though after a quick tour of Google, the title change seems to have been made a while back. Oh well, better late than never. (Thanks to Sno for the heads up.)

In the movie, Van Damme and Adkins play rival assassins — each of whom are masters of their respective weapons — who form an uneasy alliance to take down a DEA-backed drug cartel. The film co-stars Kevin Chapman, Ivan Kaye, and Valentin Teodosiu, and is directed by Ernie Barbarash, who will be re-teaming with Van Damme on the just-announced “Six Bullets”.

A couple of behind-the-scenes looks at “Weapon” aka “Assassination Games” (via Scott Adkins Fanz):