JCVD Final Poster, U.S. English Trailer, and Limited Release Dates

I swear that when I first saw a video for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “JCVD”, I thought it was some kind of goof. You know, something the Muscles from Brussels put together to mess with people, just for the heck of it, cause he’s just cool that way. As it turns out, not so much. It’s actually a real movie. I mean, a real movie, with a director, writers, and theater release dates and junk. Go figure. But I’m not surprised we’re getting this tongue-in-cheek adventure from Van Damme. I’ve always said that, of all the former major action stars, Van Damme was the only one willing to take risks. And yeah, this thing is risky, alright, but I got a feeling it’ll sell. You’ll never catch Seagal or Snipes make fun of himself like this.

Final poster, U.S. English trailer, and limited release dates for “JCVD” below.

When the life of Jean-Claude Van Damme collides with the reality of a hold-up in Brussels, Belgium, suddenly the huge movie star turns into an ordinary guy, filled with fears, contradictions and hopes. How can he be up to the legend he has built? What can a film hero do when the gun pointed to his temple isn’t charged with blanks? JCVD finds himself at the turning point of his “hero” life.

Early English-subtitled trailer here. Newer, U.S. trailer below.

Wanna see the movie? Here are the theatrical dates for “JCVD” in the States so far:


11/14 : LA , Landmark’s Nuart theatre

11/14: Irvine, Regal/Edwards University 6

11/14 Cambridge , Landmark’s Kendall Theatre

11/14: D.C. Landmark’s E street cinema

11/14- Chicago- AMC Pipers Alley

11/14 : SF , Landmark’s Bridge theatre

11/14 : Berkeley, Ca., Landmark’s Shattuck

11/14: Phil. Ritz @ the Bourse, Landmark

11/14: Landmarks Detroit, Main Art

11/21 : PALO. ALTO, Landmark’s Aquaris Theatre

11/21 : S.D., Landmarks Hillcrest Theatre

11/21: Seattle, Landmark’s Harvard Exit

11/21 – Denver , Landmark’s Mayan Theatre

11/21- Houston , Angelika film center

11/21 – Austin , Tx, Alamo draft house

11/21 -Tentative Dallas , Angelika film center date must be confirmed

11/21 : Plano, Tx – Angelika film center

11/21 – Sacramento, the Crest theatre

11/28 – Columbus , Oh . Landmark’s Gateway theatre

12/12 : Minneapolis Landmark’s Uptown theatre