JCVD in The Eagle Path, aka Full Love

Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Eagle Path (2010) Movie Image
Jean-Claude Van Damme writes, directs, and stars in “Full Love”, which has since been retitled “The Eagle Path”, probably because “Full Love” isn’t going to get a whole lot of JCVD disciples who grew up on “Double Impact” and “Death Warrant” grabbing for their wallets when they run across the movie on DVD. The film has Van Damme playing an ex-soldier named Frenchy who is driving a cab in Thailand when he runs afoul of a pimp. The problem is that Frenchy has fallen in love with one of the pimp’s girls, and you know what that means. Yup, chances are Van Damme’s gonna have to choke a pimp or two. Either that, or he might buy the pimp’s girl flowers and run away when the pimp shows up.

JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME fresh off of the critical acclaim he received for “J.C.V.D”, now is directing, writing, producing and starring in “THE EAGLE PATH” AKA “FULL LOVE”. In the film he portrays “Frenchy”, an emotionally lost Ex-GI turned taxi driver somewhere in South-East Asia where he crosses paths with “Sofia”, played by Spanish actress (CLAUDIA BASSOLS), a woman whose mysterious life mesmerizes him drawing him into a world where he must protect her from an unhealthy relationship with high class and vicious business owner “Soli”, (ADAM KARST), and maybe even herself. With the help of his Best friend, “Bobby Jackson” (JOSEF CANNON) the alcoholic, paraplegic former Military specialist. They set out on a path together, “THE EAGLE PATH” that could free them all from the self imposed prison they each find themselves in.”

Also starring Josef Cannon as Van Damme’s best friend, an alcoholic parapelegic and war veteran, Adam Karst, and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols as Frenchy’s love interest.

Frankly, I haven’t a clue how this movie will turn out, but I’m sure it’ll be worth seeing. Of all the former Hollywood action stars (your Seagals, your Snipes, etc), JCVD is, bar none, the only one who even tries anymore. You gotta give the man that.

Some images from the film below via the Muscles from Brussels’ official site here. Thanks to Rob2K for contributing.