JCVD Teaser Trailer #2 and #3, Poster

Jean-Claude Van Damme wants his cash, dammit! You know, when I first saw the first trailer for “JCVD” late last year (here), I thought it was some kind of gag that Van Damme and some friends put together, but now, dude — this is a real movie! Check out the latest trailer where Van Damme, upon not being to take out his cash, goes bonkers and takes hostages.

This will either end up as the greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme movie ever made, or it’ll be just the biggest pile of crap you’ve ever seen. I can’t get a feel for it either way, but man, these clips are really, really awesome.

I’ve added the second teaser trailer, which I hadn’t seen before. It’s all in French, but the third one has English subtitles. The second one is basically incomprehensible, unless you speak French, because all it is is JCVD riding in a car and then laughing like a maniac at the end. They both have English subtitles.

Thanks to Pierre for the heads up.

Plus, added a poster for what is being called the “Untitled Van Damme Project”: