Jean-Claude Van Damme Might Be the Villain in The Expendables 2. Maybe.

You gotta love rumors. Even if they turn out to be completely false, you can at least hold out hope for a few brief moment that the most ludicrous claims are, in fact, the real deal. And while I’d love to jump up and down and clap my hands like a buffoon at the mere notion that Jean-Claude Van Damme is playing the villain in “The Expendables 2”, I’m going to keep my fanboy excitement in check until someone confirms this. I’m sure it won’t be long before an official statement is made.

Anyway, director Sheldon Lettich recently told that Chance Boudreaux himself had accepted a role in the upcoming sequel, a revelation that will no doubt please those of us who felt that JCVD got the shaft the first time around. Better late than never, right? Lettich has worked with Van Damme multiple times during the big guy’s career — both theatrically and straight-to-video — so he might have some information others aren’t privy to just yet. Like I said, this might be just a rumor, and this dream may evaporate in the next few days. Then again, this information might be completely true, allowing your struly to jump up and down and clap his hands as planned.

Who am I kidding — I already did.

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