Jean-Claude Van Damme Puts on his Joker Face for Universal Soldier 4

Apparently Jean-Claude Van Damme has a scene in his upcoming “Universal Soldier: A New Dimension” where he splashes on some Joker-esque face paint if these behind-the-scenes pics from the movie are any indicaiton. Probably for one of his battles against either Dolph Lundgren or Scott Adkins, or if we’re lucky, all three of them going at it. Wouldn’t that be something?

John Hyams, who directed Van Damme and Lundgren in part 3, “Regeneration”, returns behind the camera for the second time around. This time, Scott Adkins joins the boys for a little fun in the MMA sun.

h/t Nik, Universal Soldier 4 Facebook Page and The JCVD Facebook Page