Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport and Kickboxer Reboots Get Directors

Jean Claude Van DammeIt’s twice the Van Dammage, but how much of the Van Damme? Jean-Claude Van Damme fans are no doubt hoping that their favoritest Muscles from Brussels will land at least a cameo in either a remake of Relativity’s “Bloodsport” or Radar Pictures’ “Kickboxer”.

Until we find out for sure, though, fans will just have to make due with this news that both pictures have now secured directors, with Chinese actor-turned-director Stephen Fung landing the directing gig for “Kickboxer”, while Aussie James McTeigue will helm “Bloodsport”.

McTeigue is known primarily as the director of “V for Vendetta”, but he also directed the excellent “Ninja Assassin” and more recently, the less-than-excellent “The Raven”. He’ll direct the remake of “Bloodsport”, which in the 1988 original found Van Damme playing an American Army officer named Frank Dux, who enters an underground Hong Kong tournament known as the Kumite and fights Bolo Yeung.

The original has the distinction of being Van Damme’s first major film as a leading man, after a role as the bad guy in 1986’s silly “No Retreat, No Surrender”. “Bloodsport” also gave us this crazy display of acting that will continue to live on well after he’s retired from doing splits on the big screen:

Awesomest moment EVER.

Unlike the original, though, the remake of “Bloodsport”, based on a script by “Taken’s” Robert Mark Kamen, will focus “on the morally-conflicted life of 21st century mercenaries who clash with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo”.

Meanwhile, Fung is coming off his “Tai Chi” double films, “Tai Chi Zero” and its sequel, “Tai Chi Hero”. Those films proved that he can direct big-budget actioners, so doing a remake of “Kickboxer” probably isn’t that big of a deal for him.

“Kickboxer”, another one of Van Damme’s earlier hits, starred the Muscles from Brussels as “a cornerman who trains in Muay Thai to avenge his brother’s crippling at the hands of a brutal Thai kickboxing champ”.

Van Damme followed “Bloodsport” up with “Kickboxer”. The Thailand-set movie also gave us this truly inspiring scene:


Of the two films, a remake of “Bloodsport” has been in the works for a while, but “Kickboxer” is eyeing a late Fall or early 2014 start date.

Via : Deadline