Jean-Claude Van Damme’s The Eagle Path Finally Headed to DVD

The Eagle Path (2010) Movie PosterIt’s been a year or so since I’ve heard anything regarding JCVD’s directorial effort “The Eagle Path”, a film in which our hero portrays a man who is “haunted by his past”. Of course, the plot is probably nothing more than a framework for plenty of non-stop action, so I’m not overwhelmingly concerned about the story’s specifics. As long as Van Damme looks like he actually gives a crap about the picture in question, I’ll be a happy camper. I’m not that hard to please, especially when it comes to the cinema of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

If, like me, you’ve been curious to know when “The Eagle Path” will see the light of day, your wait is finally over. The aforementioned action flick is currently scheduled to hit DVD on October 3rd courtesy of Revolver Entertainment. However, that’s about all the info we have at the moment. As soon as more information becomes available — including extras, Blu-ray availability, etc. — I’ll be sure to pass it on to you. That’s the type of guy I am.

An in-depth synopsis, you ask? Here you go:

A military veteran and former mercenary, Frenchy (Van Damme) works as a taxi driver, hiding somewhere in East Asia, haunted by his past. After his driving shifts he often frequents the Eagle’s Nest, a seedy bar that houses a caged eagle. In the midst of the chaotic Asian traffic Frenchy picks up a beautiful female passenger who will change him forever.

Driven by dark memories of his childhood, he becomes determined to improve her life and, without her approval, he embarks on a journey which proves to be more dangerous and complicated then he expected. After encountering a series of harrowing obstacles he calls in favors from his special ops friends who immediately join him. His military team engages in the biggest fight of their lives. War is hell, but nothing they’ve done could have prepared them for this.

Its an adrenaline-fueled, full-on, maximum firepower thriller, filled with the intense psychological conflict that Van Damme fans love the world over.

Check out the latest trailer for “The Eagle Path” below.