JeeJa Yanin + B-Boys + Muay Thai = Raging Phoenix Trailers

Muay Thai, B-Boy breakdancing, and little ol Jeeja Yanin, the star of “Chocolate”, kicking enough ass to make Tony Jaa blush? Yup, that’s the latest sure-to-be-all-the-rage action movie from Thailand, which stars “Chocolate” wunderkind JeeJa Yanin, here trading in her autism for a little break-dancing and stylish fighting, but with the same back-breaking, stuntman-injuring insanity. Rashane Limtrakul directs. Check out a teaser trailer and a full trailer, plus some posters for the movie below. Both trailers are in Thai, alas, not that it matters. It’s a Thai action movie, after all; even if you were to understand the language, it still wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense anyhow.

The film is due out in Thai theaters August 12 2009.

Thanks to reader Jonesy for the heads up.

Teaser Trailer:

Full Trailer: