Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Not a Fan of Red Dawn Director Dan Bradley, Apparently

Adrianne Palicki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Red Dawn (2012) Movie Image

The upcoming “Red Dawn” remake may eventually turn out to suck, but according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who co-stars in the film as the resident adult, shooting the film definitely qualified as sucking donkey balls. The actor was out doing the promo rounds for his upcoming horror flick “The Possession”, and the topic of “Red Dawn”, which after years of delay is finally seeing the light of day this November, came up. Morgan and the rest of the cast shot the film years ago, so I guess he doesn’t feel like he needs to protect the film anymore.

In particular, Morgan did not appreciate director Dan Bradley’s way of doing business on the set, saying of the first-time director’s methods:

I remember we were out in the middle of the woods outside of Detroit and it was like 30-below. He wouldn’t allow there to be cast chairs or heaters for us in between takes. It sucked. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? We’re not really fighting a war. We’re making a movie!’ But no, it was like, ‘No chairs, no heaters!’ It was crazy.

Amusingly, although the E! Online story is about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the headline reads: “Hemsworth and Hutcherson’s Red Dawn Remake: “It Sucked,” Says Costar”.

To be sure, Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth are where E!’s bread is buttered, but come on, what a slap in the face of a man who has been acting longer than both kids have been alive. Poor Morgan even gets a tiny insert pic while Hemsworth and Hutcherson’s mugs hog the big article picture. Sheesh, man, no respect whatsoever.