Jenna Jameson Wants to Teach You How to Make Love to a Woman

Wanna learn how to make love to a woman? Properly? Or maybe not so much? Jenna Jameson would like to teach you. She and a lot of strange looking people in the new sex comedy “How to Make Love to a Woman”, which chronicles the many miscommunications between men and women under the sheets. You know, like how when she touches her right ear and flips her hair, it means she wants to have sex? Anyways, in the flick, Jenna Jameson plays herself. What, you shock? You got a primo hot stuff like Jenna Jameson and you wanna make her play, what, a house wife or something? Don’t be stupid.

Starring Krysten Ritter, Josh Meyers, Ian Somerhalder , Eugene Byrd, Jenna Jameson, Ken Jeong, Ike Barinholtz, James Kyson Lee, and James Hong. Scott Culver makes his directorial debut from a script by Dennis Kao, also his debut.

How to Make Jenna Jameson in Love to a Woman (2009) Movie Image