Jennifer Aniston to Pull a Drew Barrymore in Scream 4

It’s probably the most famous scene in all the “Scream” movies, specifically because it introduces a major actress in what is essentially a cameo appearance. But until Drew Barrymore’s character gets gutted in the first few minutes of the first “Scream”, you didn’t necessarily know she wouldn’t be sticking around. There won’t be that kind of surprise for Jennifer Aniston’s appearance in “Scream 4”, but word is she will be getting offed early in the film in similar fashion.

According to Star Magazine, Aniston, who is more prone to show up in romantic comedies nowadays, is doing the Drew Barrymore-ish role as a “favor” to BFF Courteney Cox, who will be reprising her “Scream” character for the fourth installment along with her husband David and Neve Campbell.

“Scream 4” is a passing-of-the-torch installment that will lead to a new cast of characters and an entirely new trilogy. Wes Craven returns to direct, with Kevin Williamson scripting once again.

Update: STYD‘s sources call “Shenanigans” on this story. Could be they’re lying and she might show up anyway in the finished movie, but they were trying to keep it a surprise.

Jennifer Aniston

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