Jennifer Connelly Boards Aronofsky’s Noah

Jennifer ConnellyNow that Darren Aronofsky has finally landed his Noah in Russell Crowe, he’s looking at re-teaming with his “Requiem for a Dream” star Jennifer Connelly to play the film’s female lead, a character name Naameh.

If she signs on, Connelly would also be re-teaming with Crowe, with whom she co-starred in Ron Howard’s “A Beautiful Mind” way back in 2001. Since it worked out so well the first time (she won an Oscar for playing Crowe’s wife), why not do it again?

Apparently Aronofsky’s version of Noah won’t be like your father’s Noah. (Assuming he has one. I can’t actually think of a movie solely based on Noah before, but I could be wrong.) Aronofsky is said to be going for an “edgier tone”, which apparently includes highlighting “Noah’s love for alcohol, particularly wine”. Hey, if God came down and told me to build a big ol boat to survive an apocalyptic flood, that would drive me to drink, too.

Besides Connelly, go-to teenage girl Saoirse Ronan is also being sought by Aronofsky and the studio for a major supporting role.

Look for “Noah” and his big ol boat sometime in 2014.

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind (2001) Movie Image

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