Jennifer Lawrence and Co. Wouldn’t Mind a Fifth Hunger Games Movie

The Hunger Games Catching Fire (2013) Movie PosterThings are heating up in the world of Panem (that’s the fictional country where “The Hunger Games” is set, FYI), with a rebellion brewing and Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss in the very thick of it. Or, the cause of it, actually, something that will have massive repercussions in future installments of the series.

Originally written as a three book series by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games” will conclude with the two-parter “Mockingjay”, which is, essentially, all-out war between the rebels and the Capitol. It gets pretty hardcore there towards the end, with massive casualties and whatnot. But end it does.

So what about the possibility of continuing on with a fifth movie post-“Mockingjay”? If you were to ask stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, they’d certainly be amendable to that idea.

Speaking to E! Online, Lawrence was pretty gung-ho about it, actually:

I kind of hope so… It would be so fun. This is the best group and we have so much fun. I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we’re almost done.

Hutcherson, Lawrence’s diminutive co-star, agrees:

That would be kinda cool, wouldn’t it?

Elizabeth Banks, who plays Katniss and Peeta’s Capitol liaison, also wouldn’t mind putting the clown make-up on for one more chapter:

I’d love to see Suzanne Collins write something else that we could expand on. We love these characters. I think people are really fascinated to see where their lives go.

Well, we actually know how their lives go. At least, for two of the love triangle participants Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. We don’t quite know about the others, which I suppose could make for an interesting spin-off movie or two.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games - Catching Fire (2013) Movie Image

I’m sure Lionsgate wouldn’t be totally against this idea at all, but sometimes you just have to accept that franchises have a shelf life. Take the “Twilight” series. It was bigger than Jesus at one point, and Summit kept trying to keep it going, floating ideas of spin-offs and even TV shows, but eventually I think they just realize it was over and let it go.

“The Hunger Games” is a much more robust series than “Twilight”, of course, but depending on how they translate Collins’ third book (especially that ending), I don’t see how they can keep going after that.

But hey, never say never. I’ve stopped underestimating Hollywood’s ability to squeeze blood from a stone a long, long time ago.

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