Jennifer Morrison Makes House Call to Once Upon a Time

Get it? Because Jennifer Morrison is known primarily as the hot doctor from FOX’s “House” TV show? Ahem.

Anyways, Morrison has signed on as the lead in ABC’s new fairytale-as-reality show “Once Upon a Time”, which is about “Anna (Morrison’s character), a woman drawn into the small town of Storybrook where the magic and mystery of fairy tales may be real.” She joins the previously cast Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla, who are playing Snow White and the Evil Queen, respectively.

This makes “Once Upon a Time” the latest in a series of stories (on TV and the big screen) that revolves around familiar fairytale stories getting the “re-imagined” treatment. When Hollywood gets its hooks into a gimmick, man, they really run it into the ground.

But hey, it’s nice to see Jennifer Morrison back on weekly TV again — if “Once Upon a Time” gets picked up, that is. Her departure from “House” sucked, and she apparently did a recurring stint on the CBS comedy “How I Met Your Mother”, but I don’t watch the show, so I missed them. Hopefully this doesn’t mean she’s also given up the movie career.