Jennifer’s Body Plot Details

The boys over at Latino Review has a review of the script for the much-ballyhooed second effort by the improbably named Diablo Cody, calling it, “unique” and “interesting”, but ultimately “overshadowed by the messed up shit that goes on in the second half”. I’m marking this entry as POSSIBLE MOVIE SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk.

In short, Jennifer and best friend Needy (who is locked up in a mental asylum at the beginning of the movie for killing Jennifer) go to see a band, shit happens, and Jennifer starts eating guys after that.

This sums up the reviewer’s opinion on the script:

I’m intrigued by Jennifer’s Body. It’s unique, that’s for certain, but this mash-up doesn’t really make much sense to me. Take away the Diablo Cody humor, language, and one-liners, and you’ve got this oddly-paced, slightly incoherent horror comedy. Slither, that worked for me. But this… this is trying too hard to be some genre-smashing cult-hit like Donnie Darko. It’s original, so I’m definitely giving Cody credit for trying something new, but this seems like an ambitious writing sample than an actual roadmap to a decent film. While Juno had the heart and wide appeal to meet a mass audience, Jennifer’s Body does not – and on top of that, it lacks a well-paced plot and consistent tone.

Read the rest of the review here.

After reading the review, I’m certain star Megan Fox will be playing the titular Jennifer, because let’s face it, that girl has a body that goes on forever (extremely tasteless tattoos notwithstanding), and I’m still not convinced she can actually act. The main role will be the Needy character.

Jennifer’s Body Plot Details