Jeremy Renner Accepts Mission Impossible 4, Tom Cruise’s Possible Replacement?


A younger, hipper partner for Tom Cruise? Forget about it. Jeremy Renner has reportedly gotten the gig of playing Ethan Hunt’s partner in Paramount’s upcoming “Mission: Impossible 4″, set to be directed by “The Incredibles'” Brad Bird.

As to the so-yesterday news that actors Kevin Zegers, Christopher Egan and Anthony Mackie would be testing to partner up with Cruise in part four? Apparently those tests were canceled now that Paramount has chosen to go with Renner.

The idea is to partner Renner up with Hunt in the fourth movie, and should Cruise ever decide not to come back (or the studio decides to jettison Ethan Hunt), Renner’s character could easily step up to replace Hunt as the franchise’s new face. Curiously, the studio has apparently decided to ditch the “go younger” route (via the three young actors that were scheduled to test), and will instead go with the “older” Renner. I suppose it’s all relative, since he is 9 years younger than Cruise.

Renner, meanwhile, has Ben Affleck’s “The Town” coming up, and will soon be suiting up for Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers”. As a fan of his since his days on “SWAT” and “28 Weeks Later”, I’m loving his career trajectory.

Brad Bird will direct from a script by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. J.J. Abrams, who wrote and directed part three, will produce the fourth entry.

'Wait, so he's my possible replacement, too? Man, this movie star stuff is brutal.'

Author: Nix

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  • Ilovemovie

    For me if I’m rich and has talented like Tom, I don’t give a damn about the studio, I do,direct,produce,my own movie. Why have to depend on someone money to make your career move forward? Clueless?

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    because he’s not an action director or anything like that. He’s the type that wants the BEST talent (or what he thinks is the best) behind him while he looks good in front of the camera. He doesn’t need to move his career forward per say, it’s already ahead of many so now he’s kinda just having fun doing what he loves. That said if the studio wants to keep the franchise going without Cruise later Renner is gaining steam in Hollywood and would be a great choice.

  • Heather

    Yay! Renner is a great actor. Gives the film’s tone & cast some needed heft.

  • Ilovemovie

    Nop, I think he care about his career than just fun. If the studio stop hired him,and end up play a small support role in certain movie. I think his time up to hidden behind the closet like some other star,if he don’t have no other option. Most American people,either president or actors they always want to be in history. This is why some are really working so hard until they become a very old ages. The studio spend a million of dollars and hired an expensive actor is not joke. They really careful on their money spending. Like Sly(Rambo),the studio probably stopped hiring him,this is why he direct himself,and probably uses his own money to produce as well. Therefore,there was a clip about how he make The Expendable,even though he got hurt on the set, he still want to continue to do the work,even his doctor said no you can.

    So therefore, there are ambition in human which the word enough is hard to control. Another word,there never be enough in one ambition,until that person say so. Some just work until they die,because they love their job so much,such as “Chick Hearn” the Laker announcer. This man was working until the day he die.