Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? It’s Can’t-Miss Casting, Right?

Get it? Can’t-miss? Because Hawkeye never misses? Anyways. Word from Renner himself via Empire is that he’s currently talking to the boys over at Marvel Studios about possibly donning the purple tights to play the archer Hawkeye in an upcoming Marvel movie or two. As you’ll recall, there were rumors that Hawkeye would make a cameo alongside the Black Widow in “Iron Man 2”. It turns out the latter made it, but Hawkeye? Not so much. At least, not if Renner is supposed to play the role, as he seems keen on doing.

According to Renner, though, there’s still a chance Hawkeye might cameo in the upcoming “Thor” movie, and possibly parlay that into a major role in “The Avengers” film.

“I met with the Marvel guys, actually, but we didn’t talk about Captain America. But one of the writers, Zak Penn, we’ve become friends over time and he was thinking maybe Hawkeye could be interesting. He sounds like an interesting character.”

If it all works out, Renner would play Clint Barton, an ace archer who can shoot anything between the eyes. The Marvel equivalent of DC’s Green Arrow, the character got impossibly cooler in the Marvels Ultimates universe, where he learned, among other tricks, how to kill terrorists with nothing but his fingernails. Yes, his fingernails. They guy became that deadly. Of course, the character went to complete shit when Jeph Loeb got his hands on him, but that’s another story.

And besides, I’ve always been a big fan of Renner, from his days on “SWAT” as a villain to his role in “28 Weeks Later”. He made a major impression in “The Hurt Locker”, and it’s a shame he hasn’t really gotten his full due in Hollywood. There’s still time yet, though, and a role as Hawkeye in Marvel’s mega “Avengers” movie could be just the ticket.

No one makes fun of the purple tights. No one!

No one makes fun of the purple tights. No one!