Jeremy Renner Shoots Down Escape From New York Remake Rumors

If you’re one of those people who thought Jeremy Renner might be pretty cool as the new Snake Plissken in Breck Eisner’s upcoming remake, then this is bad news for you. But if you thought Renner could never take over Kurt Russell’s eyepatch, then this is good news for you. Speaking to MTV, Renner has confirmed that he knows nothing about starring in the remake as previously rumored on the Interwebs.

In fact, given that he’s too busy with “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” (a franchise that he’s also confirmed he’s being groomed to take over from star Tom Cruise) and the upcoming “Avengers” movie (where he’ll be playing the arrow-slinging Hawkeye), Renner says that “the next 10 years” of his life is all but sewn up with those two franchises, leaving no room whatsoever to take on a third.

Of course, he says that NOW. Who knows what he’ll say if the latest “Mission Impossible” becomes a big hit and he’s really a wanted man. I’m sure Whedon and company could easily enough write Hawkeye off future “Avengers” movies, and let’s face it, those Marvel contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. I don’t care how many movies an actor signs on for, you’re NOT going to force an actor to do sequels if he doesn’t feel like it. Then again, Renner could just pull a Ryan Reynolds and try to do everything.

Personally, I think he would make a great Snake Plissken, but that’s just me.

But for now? No Snake for Renner.

Sure he's a toy, but that doesn't mean he still can't kick your ass.