Jeremy Renner Talks Avengers, No Purple Costume

In an interview with the boys at MTV while out promoting his crime film “The Town”, Jeremy Renner talked about his upcoming appearance in Joss whedon’s “The Avengers” as Hawkeye. Specifically, his relationship with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, and Clint Barton’s choice of wardrobe in the 2012 feature.

On the character’s classic purple-themed costume (left):

I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based. You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]’s character [in ‘Iron Man 2’], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing. That’s why I think it’s more palatable to audiences — there’s almost a sense of reality to these superheroes. That’s what makes it interesting to me, anyway.

On Hawkeye’s relationship with Johansson’s Black Widow:

We will [have a relationship], I think, in this one as well. We’re kind of a team, and what that relationship is, is still to be discovered.

It definitely sounds like Renner’s Hawkeye will be patterned more after the Ultimates version and not the classic comic book look. Of course, given what happened with the Black Widow in the Ultimates universe, Hawkeye may want to watch his back around his fellow SHIELD partner. Just sayin’.