Jerry Bruckheimer Talks Lone Ranger, Pirates 4

In the canon of uber producers, Jerry Bruckheimer stands alone. Oh sure, Joel Silver may bump up against Bruckheimer’s glass ceiling every now and then, but with junk like “The Reaping” and “The Invasion”, the spread between the two producers are getting wider and wider. Bruckheimer recently sat down to talk with MTV about two future projects — “Lone Ranger”, which is being envisioned as a possible franchise ala “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and “Pirates 4”. Read on.

About “Lone Ranger”, Bruckheimer says that the new franchise won’t be an “update”, but instead more of an origins story that adheres to the character’s original traits, i.e. this ain’t gonna be Captain Jack on a horse, jack.


But don’t think that means the titular hero will be anything like Captain Jack, cautions Bruckheimer, who revealed that the story wouldn’t be an update, but instead something of an origin story. That means adhering to the strict moral code laid down by “Lone Ranger” creator Fran Striker.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an updating of the tale, I would say it’s kind of getting back to the roots of the tale,” Bruckheimer confessed. “Where it originated from — it’s about Texas Rangers, so we’re going to take it to how the characters are created.”

Okay, so “Lone Ranger” is definitely a go once the strike ends. And really, who doesn’t know that writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are writing and re-writing this thing now, as we speak, and will be handing in their completed script once the WGA tells them they can? Writers write — they can’t be striking all day. As soon as the strike officially ends, there will be a deluge of completed scripts ready to shoot, “Lone Ranger” probably being one of them.

So what about “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”? Surely only a fool would cast that sequel off into sea. Says Bruckheimer:

“Not yet, not yet,” he said, smiling. “We’re still counting the money from the last one!”

Translation: “Are you kidding? We made so much money off part 3, if I don’t do part 4, please shoot me now.”

Jerry Bruckheimer Talks Lone Ranger, Pirates 4