Jesse Bradford to Star in Horror Remake of The Echo

Now usually my “snobby Asian film fan” persona kicks in when I hear about Hollywood remaking an Asian movie, especially when the infamous Roy Lee is involved. But there is one thing that keeps me from making such snobbish statements about this remake of “The Echo”, and it’s this: the filmmakers behind “The Echo” have said many times that they always intended for their film to sell internationally, and were actively seeking to sell the remake rights to Hollywood since 2003, during the height of the J-horror Remake boom. With that in mind, Jesse Bradford has signed on to star in the remake of the Filipino horror movie “The Echo” (aka “Sigaw”).


The story centers on a young ex-con (Bradford) who moves into an old apartment building only to learn his neighbor is an abusive police officer who savagely beats his wife and daughter. When the ex-con tries to intervene, he becomes trapped in a curse.

This will be young Mr Bradford’s second Hollywood remake of an Asian movie, following up the teen romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl” (co-starring Elisha Cuthbert).

Another reason why no one should bitch about this remake? The original writer/director, Yam Laranas, will also be doing the remake.

Jesse Bradford to Star in Horror Remake of The Echo