Jessica Alba and Casey Affleck in The Killer Inside Me

Oh man, you just know that poor Jessica Alba is gonna look awful in this one, especially compare to a quiet, reserved acting machine like Casey Affleck (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward John Ford”). I’ve only seen Affleck in a few things, but the guy looks like he was born to act, while Jessica Alba — well, looks like she was born to play risque characters in movies that refuses to take off her top. (“Sin City”, anyone?) The duo will next be playing opposite each other in Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel “The Killer Inside Me”, which was already remade once in 1976 starring Stacy Keach.

Reuters via THR has more on the plot and characters:

Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba are teaming with director Michael Winterbottom for “The Killer Inside Me,” an adaptation of a novel from noir author Jim Thompson.

The story follows a West Texas sheriff (Affleck) and his downward spiral from a boring small-town cop into a ruthless, sociopathic murderer. Alba plays a prostitute. A mid-January start date is being eyed.

The novel was made into a 1976 film starring Stacy Keach.

Affleck most recently wrote and directed “Gone Baby Gone,” while Alba was last seen in “The Love Guru.” Winterbottom directed Angelina Jolie in “A Mighty Heart.”

And yes, I’m pretty sure Reuters/THR mixed up the Affleck brothers on this one, because while Casey Affleck starred in “Gone Baby Gone”, he didn’t write or direct it. That was his big brother Ben. Unless, of course, they’re talking about Ben doing “The Killer Inside Me” and not Casey.

But never you mind that. Jessica Alba as a prostitute? Looks like another excuse for Jessica Alba to pretend to be risque without actually, you know, really going through with it. Of course, she hasn’t met Michael Winterbottom. This is the guy who convinced Margo Stilley to show (and do) it all in “9 Songs”. Can the Brit work his magic on the American starlet? One can only hope.

Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me (2010) Movie Image