Jessica Alba is a Spy Kids Mom I’d Like to You Know

Robert Rodriguez has found his replacement spy mom for his upcoming “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World” (in 3D!!!!), and it’s his “Machete” and “Sin City” star Jessica Alba, herself a real-life mom. Alba is essentially replacing Carla Gugino, the original spy mom of the franchise since the first one in, oh, 1950 or thereabouts. It has been that long, hasn’t it?

In the fourth movie, Alba will be playing a retired spy who gets reactivated when a villain known as the Time Keeper starts doing bad things. (Bad, but silly things. This is a Robert Rodriguez “Spy Kids” movie, after all.) Since the franchise is called “Spy KIDS” and not “Spy MOM”, Alba’s character will have two stepchildren that, one presumes, takes up the spy biz alongside her. She’ll also have a nerdy investigative reporter husband in the movie.

Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara, the original spy kids, are expected to return in supporting roles (they aren’t exactly kids anymore, especially Vega, if you know what I mean), along with Antonio Banderas, though no word on Gugino.

As with most of the “Spy Kids” movies, Rodriguez plans to shoot the fourth movie fast and cheap (the budget is $30 million) and have it in your stockings by 2011.

By the way, Alexa Vega (below) is almost 23, just 6 years younger than Alba. Why didn’t they just make her the step mom instead and keep the “Spy Kids” biz in the family? Just saying, it’s not like “reality” is the name of the game here, after all…