Jessica Biel is Off The Wolverine?


Viper Comic BookIt looks like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine won’t have to worry about Jessica Biel causing him trouble in his upcoming movie “The Wolverine”, the sequel to the poorly received “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Though apparently he’ll still have to contend with the slinky evil of someone playing the Viper character, it just won’t be Jessica Biel.

Website Collider is reporting that Jessica Biel is no playing Viper in the upcoming James Mangold-directed movie, that negotiations between Biel’s side and Fox have “broken down”, and the studio is now looking at other actresses for the role. Apparently it all happened while the actress was at Comic Con this weekend promoting her new sci-fi movie “Total Recall”.

The role of Viper has a long history in the Marvel Universe, but it’s anybody’s guess which variation Fox will be using in their movie. Since the Fox Marvel Universal is a separate entity from the Disney Marvel Universe, you have to figure SHIELD won’t be involved, and probably not Hydra, the terrorist organization that Viper is known to lead, either. Then again, who knows?

Don’t cry for Jessica Biel, though. It’s not like she’s hurting for big female lead roles in major Hollywood productions. She’s just coming off the aforementioned “Total Recall” reboot, and she’s co-starring in “Hitchcock” with Anthony Hopkins. Not bad gigs if you can get’em.

Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity (2004) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    Hopefully her Total Recall co-star Kate Beckinsale lands the role. She’d be a perfect Viper!

    • Nix

      Wow. I can totally see that.

  • Fuzzyu812

    Biel is hot butt she to me just isnt a believable actress love jackman butt I do not think that this one is coming to be worth theater price I know Ill wait til redbox gets it. So far Fox has been a let down since xmen 3 and the last wolverine movie. I say give the character back to marvel and reboot with with a new origins hell give’em all back to marvel so we don’t half to put up with them putting out a shifty movie just so the don’t loose the rights to them or be cause they need a quick buck. Then we will see marvel universe stories for the movies the way the should be made with other character interactions. We all know Disney or Fox or sony won’t let there characters to be put in a different movie not made by them with out asking way to much money cause that’s what it comes down too.

    Anyway its gonna take a lot of convincing for me to go see another xmen or wolverine movie the stories are well Shit to say the least they can’t get that right amount to keep me interested. and I’m not these nut that are like its nothing like the comics cause im coming of the cartoon series in 90’s
    And the comics so far they having been able to catch that magic that they have with them.

    I personally think that disney are better story tellers so far . Fox is more reality tv not very interesting or creativity needed.

    Have fun hate’n my opinion.