Jessica Biel Promises Less Campy A-Team Movie

The always gorgeous (but very unGeneral-like Jessica Biel) recently sat down for an interview with MTV, and the strange female voice asking the question offscreen asked her about the upcoming “A-Team” movie. Biel doesn’t mention that her character is an Army General chasing the boys, which sort of makes me wonder if she really is; she does say her character works for the Department of Defense, but seems to play it coy with the character’s past relationship with Faceman (to be played by Bradley Cooper), despite the fact that the news is all over the trades and the interwebs.

Also according to Biel, the movie will be “less campy” than the show, which is odd. I don’t really recall the show ever being “campy”. Okay, so the fact that they usually fire about a gazillion rounds every episode without anyone ever getting killed could be seen as “campy”, but eh, I thought that was part of the show’s charm. Also says Biel, the “A-Team” movie being directed by Joe Carnahan will be heavy on the action and have plenty of humor.

As to possible cameos by the surviving castmembers of the show, like Mister T? She hasn’t heard anything yet, but who knows.