Jessica Biel Teases Nakedness in Powder Blue

For some reason, the prospect of seeing Jessica Biel actually take it all off as a stripper in the new movie “Powder Blue” is exciting to a lot of guys out there. Me, I just to see Biel, you know, act her heart out. Because, well, that’s what I go to the movies for. To see women known for their fab bodies act. Real well. And junk. Anyhoo. In “Powder blue”, Biel will play a single mother trying to support her terminally ill young son by doing what all single mothers with young sons with terminal illnesses do — she strips. Previous published reports are indicating that Biel’s movie stripper might actually, you know, strip onscreen. Of course, there’s the rumor, and there’s the reality of her fellow actresses seeking “serious” acting creds have done — play strippers that never actually strip onscreen. I call it the Movie Stripper Bullshit Role, or, the Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba Bullshit Role.

Several Angelenos meet on Christmas Eve through chance, tragedy and divine intervention. Swayze will play the sleazy owner of the strip club where Biel’s character dances. Redmayne will portray a mortician who falls in love with her. Kristofferson will play the head of a corporate crime organization who tries to convince his former employee (Liotta) not to seek vengeance on his former co-workers. Whitaker, who also serves as a producer on the film, will play a suicidal ex-priest. Newcomer Alejandro Romero will play a transsexual prostitute who shares an unexpected bond with the priest.

Starring Jessica Biel, Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Patrick Swayze, and Lisa Kudrow. Timothy Linh Bui (“Three Seasons”) directs.

Getthebigpicture has gotten their hands on the first teaser poster for the movie. As you can see, the filmmakers don’t want to overshadow their ensemble cast with promise of Jessica Biel onscreen nudity. I personally applaud their integrity.

Jessica Biel and her stripper bod unwraps December 31, just in time for Christmas. Or thereabouts.

Jessica Biel in Powder Blue