Jessica Biel to Engage in Space Chick Fight with Barbarella?

The guys over at Freeze Dried Movies have been hearing rumors that Jessica Biel may be playing the female villain in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming remake of “Barbarella”, and that this may mean a chick flight of epic proportions against Rose McGowan, who was also rumored to be playing Barbarella herself as recently as a few weeks ago. Then again, it’s all rumor, so it’s probably bunk, but hey, it’s Monday so why not indulge in a little bit of totally unsubstantiated and probably untrue movie gossip? That’s what we’re here for!

More from FDM:

Of course, this is not the first time Biel’s name has been mentioned in relation to the remake. She has always been a fan favorite for the title role, along with fellow Jessica, Alba (and Alba herself let it slip in a recent interview with MTV that she believes Rose McGowan would be filling Jane Fonda’s boots in the lead). Now the word on the street is that Biel will playing Barbarella’s nemesis instead. Of course this is just rumor, but hey, it gives something to think about when we can’t fall asleep.

I’d rather see Biel in the lead. Geeks seem to like Rose McGowan for a reason, but the fact is the studios would probably never allow Rodriguez to cast her. She has absolutely zero box office draw, and outside of Marilyn Manson groupies and too cool for school movie fanboys, does anyone actually go to see movies because it starred Rose McGowan?

Jessica Biel, now, that’s another story. The girl’s got upside, as they say in sports.

Then again, I’m still hoping Halle Berry says yes

Jessica Biel to Engage in Space Chick Fight with Barbarella?