Jet Li and Jackie Chan to Work Together Again

Let’s face it, if I was a producer on “The Forbidden Kingdom”, I would dock Jackie Chan a thousand dollars every time this dope went out in public and badmouth the movie, which Chan has done regularly ever since starring in the Hollywood film alongside Jet Li. But nevermind all that. Chan apparently had so much fun working with Li, and vice versa, that the duo is planning a second film together, this one to be based on a story they had begun together almost 15 years ago.


“The first day we started filming, it felt like we had worked together for many years,” Chan said, adding, “after filming this movie, we didn’t have enough fun.”

“In four months (of filming), we went from friends to becoming brothers,” Li said.

Chan said their fight sequences went so smoothly that cinematographer Peter Pau told them to slow down.

He said “The Forbidden Kingdom” is not the movie he wanted to make his first collaboration with Li, but he signed on when the project came along because “if I had kept waiting, who knows how long I would have had to wait.”

Chan and Li said they want to shoot another movie together based on a script they started working on 15 years ago, but both stars refused to give details.

You know, seriously, I don’t know why American producers insist on hiring on Jackie Chan. The guy is just such a bad promoter of his American movies. If he isn’t badmouthing them before they open, he’s doing it afterwards. Either way, it’s like working with a prostitute — he just wants the money, he doesn’t care about the product.

If that’s the case, why don’t they just hire another Asian guy who is more enthusiastic about the product? God knows someone else could use the work this idiot is getting and not appreciating. It’s not like Chan still has any box office clout in the U.S. anymore, either. Even the “Rush Hour” movies are now more about Chris Tucker than Jackie Chan.

Here’s hoping this is the last Hollywood movie I’ll see Jackie Chan do and hear him bitch about it afterwards. What a fucking complainer.

Jet Li and Jackie Chan to Work Together Again