Jim Carrey and Horton Hears Box Office Bucks

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Who? Horton, that’s who. The Jim Carrey CGI-animated movie “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who” took the box office over the weekend with $45 million. Not bad for a movie budgeted at $85 million, and produced by an animation company not called “Pixar”. I guess blatant (though funny) cross-promotions with American Idol didn’t hurt, either. This marks Carrey’s fourth biggest opening weekend, topped by the $67 million of “Bruce Almighty”.

“Horton Hears a Who” stars Jim Carrey as an elephant and Steve Carrell as the mayor of Who-ville, a town that just happens to reside in a flower.

Roland Emmerich’s “10,000 BC” slipped to second place with $16 million, for a total of $61 million in two weeks of release. That’s a pretty big drop, and will probably mean the film doesn’t reach $100 when all is said and done at the domestic box office. But since the film was made for a (in Hollywood terms) cheap $75 milion, the movie should easily be in the black.

MTV’s teen fighting movie “Never Back Down”, which was marketed at teens, brought in $8.6 million for the former music network, and now home of bottom-of-the-barrel reality TV. Not altogether bad, considering the generic quality of the film.

The week’s final opening film, “Doomsday”, did poorly, managing only $4.7 million in its opening week, just barely enough to land it at #7.

Here’s the Top 10 at the U.S. Box Office:

1 —–Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who —–$45,100,000 —– $45,100,000—– 1 —–3954
2 —–10,000 B.C. —–$16,415,000 —–$61,219,000 —–2 —–3410
3 —–Never Back Down —–$8,610,000 —–$8,610,000 —–1 —– 2729
4 —–College Road Trip B—–$7,893,000—– $24,286,000 —–2 —–2706
5 —–Vantage Point —–$5,400,000 —–$59,200,000 —– 4 —–2761
6 —–The Bank Job —–$4,910,000 —–$13,113,000 —–2—– 1613
7 —–Doomsday —–$4,743,000 —–$4,743,000 —– 1 —–1936
8 —–Semi-Pro —–$3,000,000 —–$29,846,000 —–3 —– 2270
9 —–The Other Boleyn Girl —–$2,900,000 —–$19,171,000 —–3 —– 1212
10 —–The Spiderwick Chronicles —–$2,390,000 —–$65,430,000 —–5



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