JLA Casting Confirmations: Batman and Wonder Woman

It appears the JLA movie is moving at full steam, and that everything we’ve heard about the film being Justice League of Beverly Hills 90210 is pretty much correct. The guys and gals over at IESB, who have never been wrong before except for a few times that I can recall, tells us that Armie Hammer is Batman. Then let’s head over to geek central at AICN, who tells us that Aussie Megan Gale is Wonder Woman.

About Hammer time boy (via):

Armie Hammer. I know what you’re thinking, “WHO?” Armie Hammer, short for Armand Hammer not to be confused with Arm & Hammer the popular “do-everything” household agent. But yes, Armie Hammer has joined the cast as none other than the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Clocking in at 6 foot 5 inches tall, Hammer certainly has the stature for the role, plus as an added bonus he’s an amateur magician…I kid you not.

And Gale force (via):

That’s Megan Gale, an Australian Supermodel… And I’m here to say that I’ve had multiple independent sources within Warner Bros and unnamed agencies confirm this casting. That is Wonder Woman and I think it’s a pretty great choice, aesthetically speaking. And doing a quick google search got me some more pretty pics:

I can dig the Gale as Wonder Woman. She’s an unknown and she’s got the physique for the role.

The rest of the casting, though — bleh. This movie will either be okay in a “stupid fun” kind of way (the first “Fantastic Four”), or it’ll just be Godawful in a “God, that was awful” sort of way (the second “Fantastic Four”).

JLA Casting Confirmations: Batman and Wonder Woman