JLA Update: Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern May Have Been Cast

I love the idea of a Justice League of America movie (or whatever they end up calling it, probably minus the “America” part, Hollywood being what it is), but nothing I’ve seen or heard about the movie so far — including all those script “leaks”, the decision to make a man in his ’60s the director — have sounded very good. To be honest with you, the JLA movie is starting to stink it up, and the latest news, that the movie will be full of young versions of the characters we know — Superman, Batman, etc — just makes it that much worst. But hey, maybe that’s just me. Here’s your latest update on the film, i.e. more casting rumors than you can shake a stick at. The final word will be announced sometime next week, so take the below for what it’s worth.

The guys at Cinema Blend are saying that Scott Porter, Jim Street on Friday Night Lights, will be assaying the part of a young Superman.

Our source says Warner Brothers is set to announce the completed JLA cast next week, and Scott Porter (that’s him to your right) has been hired to play Superman. If you’ve noticed Porter at all before now, it’s probably as a regular on the TV series Friday Night Lights. He also had a fairly significant part in Music & Lyrics, and he’s just finished filming on Speed Racer as the brother of Racer X, Rex Racer.

He’s 29, from Omaha Nebraska, and about as all-American looking as a guy can get. I guess that’s what you want in a Superman, isn’t it? Now can the guy act? Wait, this is JLA. Who cares. Can the guy convincingly carry the Statue of Liberty over his head? That’s all that matters.

CB also dishes on these other cast additions:

Rapper Common (“Smokin’ Aces”) is John Stewart/Green Lantern, Adam Brody (The OC) is The Flash, Teresa Palmer is Talia Ghul. And some 20-year old nobody name Armie Hammer is playing Batman.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Eh, just wait until next week for the official cast list announcement.

JLA Update: Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern May Have Been Cast