Joaquin Phoenix aka White Chocolate The Greatest Rapper Eva

Hey, remember not all that long ago when Joaquin Phoenix said he was taking a temporary sabbatical from acting to pursue a musical career? At first we thought it was a goof, one of those “moments of clarity” brought on by too much of the things momma warned you to steer clear off, but of course you didn’t listen. Then Phoenix went and confirmed it himself, but there were still those who thought he was goofing on us, myself included. Apparently not so much. Yes, Phoenix has “quit” acting to pursue a music career, and if you thought it might be something along the lines of, you know, Johnny Cash, you’d be wrong. Phoenix has quit acting to become a rapper. I shit you not.

Says THR:

Casey Affleck will track the musical career of Joaquin Phoenix behind the lens of a camera.

Affleck is directing a documentary feature on Phoenix, his friend and fellow actor who last spring decided to swap the thespian business for a musical one.

Phoenix is embarking on a new path as a rapper, with an album to be produced by Sean Combs. He is scheduled to make his first public performance Friday at a Las Vegas club, which will officially kick off Affleck’s shoot.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Okay, the fact that it’s going to be documented still makes me think this could be one big goof, one of those “brilliant” ideas that pops into the heads of potheads during a late night session of you know what. I mean, come on, Joaquin Phoenix as a rapper? Produced by Sean Combs? Documented by Casey Affleck? This is either the greatest movie idea of all time, or the greatest movie idea of all time.

Below: When informed of Joaquin Phoenix’s intentions, Snoop Dogg cryptically responded, “Yo, yo, I best get home and hide my babies, that bitch be raidin’.”


Added: Joaquin rapping. I double shit you not.