Joaquin Phoenix Grows a Beard, Retiring from Acting

According to the man himself, Joaquin Phoenix is retiring from acting and will be concentrating on his music career from now on. I kid you not. Then again, this could all be one big joke, but Joaquin sure looks pretty serious (and of course by “serious” I mean “stone” out of his mind) in this interview where he made the announcement, before getting a weird laugh from the reporter. Awkward! Judge for yourself if this is all one big gag or if he really is going to (temporarily) dump his acting for his music. At least until the smoke clears and his agent beats some sense into him. See, kids? This is why you shouldn’t do drugs. At least, if you have a thriving movie career where people are paying you obscene amounts of money to pretend for a few months, anyway.

Is Joaquin Phoenix really retiring from acting? Do we care? You decide.