Jodie Foster is Number One at the Box Office with a Bullet

Jodie Foster’s “The Brave One” opened in first place at the box office over the weekend, taking in $14 million and dropping last week’s Western, “3:10 to Yuma” to second place with $9 million in its second week, for a total of $28 million in two weeks. Still very weak numbers for the high-profile Western, but at least it was better than “Mr. Woodcock”, the comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton and Seann William Scott, which came in a mediocre third place with $9 million in its opening weekend. Meanwhile, the expensive South Korean sci-fi fantasy “Dragon Wars” opened to $5 million, which is disappointing considering the film’s huge PR push and 2275 theater opening. But hey, at least it’s not “Shoot ‘Em Up”, which continues to plummet in its second week, landing at #11 with a meager $2.5 million, for a total of $10 million in two weeks of release. Ouch.

The Top 10 at the box office breaks down like this over the weekend:

1. The Brave One $14,015,000
2. 3:10 to Yuma $9,150,000
3. Mr. Woodcock $9,100,000
4. Dragon Wars (D-War) $5,376,000
5. Superbad $5,200,000
6. Halloween $5,011,000
7. The Bourne Ultimatum $4,151,000
8. Balls of Fury $3,340,000
9. Rush Hour 3 $3,325,000
10. Mr. Bean’s Holiday $2,655,000