Bruce Willis has Apparently Cured Joe Carnahan of his Death Wish

Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson in The A-Team (2010) Movie Image

Or maybe he did have a hankerin’ for a little death wish, but Paramount is making it too difficult for him, so reports have Carnahan ditching the remake of “Death Wish” in favor of something, well, else to occupy his time.

Word is, the director of “The A-Team” and “Narc” didn’t agree with the studio’s plan to cast Bruce Willis in the role of the family man who becomes a vigilante after his family is targeted by gangbangers, a role made famous by Charles Bronson in the original film and the subsequent 113 sequels. (My favorite was sequel #93, “I Wish I was Dead Already”).

Carnahan wanted, well, someone not Bruce Willis, apparently.

Writing on his Twitter account, Carnahan said as much:

So yes, kids. Stick to your guns. You, too, don’t need to direct a movie starring International action star Bruce Willis.

I guess?

Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image