Joe Carnahan Replaces John Singleton on the A-Team

Is it happening? Isn’t it happening? Is John Singleton directing it? Isn’t he? Yes, and No, as it turns out. According to the trades, Joe Carnahan (“Smokin’ Aces”) is currently in negotiations to board the project, replacing Singleton, who was said to have left over casting issues. Singleton was also supposed to be doing a major rewrite job on the script by Skip Woods, but with his exit, it’s assumed that Woods’ script, which had the setting changed from Vietnam to the first Gulf War, will become the go-to story. Unless, of course, Carnahan takes a whack at it, which considering that Carnahan is one of those writer-director types, is likely.

From THR:

The trek to bring “A-Team” to the big screen has been a long one, with various actors, directors and writers landing on it before springing off of it. John Singleton was last attached, but ultimately left after casting issues stalled the project.

Carnahan, meanwhile, has been facing challenges with his passion projects that were to have been follow-ups to his kinetic movies “Smokin’ Aces” and “Narc.” “White Jazz” was muted when it encountered casting and financing issues. “Bunny Lake Is Missing” disappeared when star Reese Witherspoon hopped away.

Fox is betting this is the right combination, setting a June 11, 2010, release date for the feature, which is written by Skip Woods.

Summer 2010, huh? They better start getting that plan together real fast, then. Also of note, Ridley and Tony Scott are boarding the movie as producers, while original TV show and movie producer Stephen J. Cannell is still involved.

Below: Sure, the face ain’t bad, fer sure, but the wheels help.