Joe Wright in Talks to Direct Peter Pan Origins Story

Peter Pan Halloween CostumeI must be the only guy who didn’t grow up enamored with Peter Pan. I don’t really get the appeal, to be perfectly honest with you, but apparently Hollywood loves this kid to death, which means you’re about to get yet another version of the flying tyke.

Director Joe Wright, aka Keira Knightley’s directing BFF, is said to be in talks to helm the film, which would give Peter Pan the “Batman Origins” treatment, aka an origins story.

I guess so now we’ll finally know where he got those tights, right?

Wright will direct from a script by Jason Fuchs, with “Arrow’s” Greg Berlanti producing for Warner Bros.

Wright’s last four movies were “Hanna”, “Pride & Prejudice”, “Atonement” and “Anna Karenina”. All of those movies, with the exception of “Hanna”, were period films starring Keira Knightley. So don’t be surprise if Knightley shows up in this Peter Pan story, too. Keira Knightley for Tinkerbell, anyone?

This “Peter Pan”, by the way, has nothing to do with another “re-imagining” of the character that had Aaron Eckhart playing a cop name Captain Hook chasing after a killer. No, really. I have no idea what happened to that movie. Probably dead in the waters.

Keira Knightley and Joe Wright in Anna Karenina (2012) Movie Image

Via : THR