Joel Edgerton’s Abs May Save Greece in 300 Sequel

300 (2006) Movie Title LogoGreece may have found its savior: Joel Edgerton is reported in talks to take the lead in Warner Bros.’ “300: Battle of Artemisia”, their sequel to Zack Snyder’s surprise 2006 hit “300” about the battle for Greece versus those pesky Persians and their God-wannabe Xerxes.

Edgerton is in very early talks to play Themosticles, who like Leonidias before him, led the Greeks to victory against the invading Persians in 480 BC. “Battle of Artemisia” will be a direct sequel to Snyder’s “300”, catching up with the Persians post-Battle of Thermypolae as they continue their march into Greece.

Snyder will co-write the script with Kurt Johnstad from Frank Miller’s limited series comic book. Noam Murro (“Smart People”) will direct.

Joel Edgerton, coming off “Warrior” and the chilly “The Thing”, isn’t new to the swords and armor game. He previously co-starred in “King Arthur”.

Joel Edgerton in King Arthur (2004) Movie Image

Via : Vulture