Joel Surnow Leaves 24

This is actually old news. It surfaced yesterday, but I decided not to post it. After a day of thinking about it, I decided that it needed to be posted, because I’m not sure how Joel Surnow’s departure from 24 will affect it, but I like the show enough to worry about it. Surnow is one of the co-creators/producers/writers on the show — basically, one of the head guys who made 24 what it is, so his departure is not without consequence.


Surnow began contemplating an exit from “24” in the summer, when the show was starting production on Season 7, but made the final decision during the strike.

“I did some soul-searching,” Surnow said. “I took it as an opportunity to write on my own and do other things.”

Surnow said he is not sure what exactly he will do next, but one thing is certain: “24” will be a tough act to follow.

The only good news about Joel Surnow’s exit from the show is that, from everything I’ve read, it was on good terms, and that Surnow had always planned to leave, but just decided (over the writers strike) to leave now instead of waiting ’til the end of Season 7, as he had originally planned.

That is pretty good news. It means Surnow didn’t leave because of “creative differences” or other squabblings with the other writers/producers over the direction of the show.

Season 7 of 24, which will see a female President take over, a pregnant Chloe O’Brien, and a bad guy Tony Almeida, returns January 2009.

Joel Surnow Leaves 24