John C. Reilly in Guardians of the Galaxy? Nova Corp? Space Version of Agent Coulson?

John C. Reilly


Yup, those sure are a lot of questions. Three questions in one headline, in fact.

So what’s the deal with John C. Reilly joining the cast of James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”? And what’s this about him potentially playing Marvel’s space version of Agent Phil Coulson, aka the regular human guy who shows up everywhere to link up Marvel’s movies? But, er, a space-set version?

The possibility of Reilly joining “Guardians” comes from Hitfix, who offers up a couple of juicy tidbits about the potential casting, and even expands into some SPOILERIFIC “speculations”. Or perhaps facts disguised as speculations.

Thanos Comic BookBut first, according to the site, while Thanos (or more specifically, Thanos’ presence) will figure prominently in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the Mad Titan won’t be doing the villainy honors. Instead, it will be Yondu (the previously cast Michael Rooker), who will be a “a space pirate of sorts”. Yondu is the film’s main bad guy, with Lee Pace playing “a villain who will eventually switch sides so he can be set up for his own spin-off film”. Hitfix theorizes that this unknown/unnamed villain-turned-hero that Pace is playing could end up being anyone from Nova to Adam Warlock to Mar-Vell.

So what about John C. Reilly? Well, according to the site, Reilly has been offered the role of a character named Rhomann Dey, “the human agent who serves as a go-between, keeping the Guardians in line and reporting to SHIELD about their activities.” Dey was originally an alien and leader of the Nova Corp. in the comics, and mentor to Richard Rider (aka Nova), but it looks like Dey is getting something of a new origin for the movie.

About space raccoon Rocket Raccoon:

When we meet Rocket Raccoon in the film, he and his partner Wal Russ (a talking walrus) are guards at The Keystone Quadrant, an intergalactic asylum for the criminally insane.

About the tree alien Groot:

Groot … originally comes to Earth looking to experiment on humans, but Nick Fury talks him out of his and convinces him to help us instead.

And oh, they add that Zoe Saldana is not “fully committed” to doing the movie yet, which is interesting, since she’s been talking it up for a while. Background negotiations between her camp and Marvel still ongoing, perhaps?

“Guardians of the Galaxy” opens next year August 1, 2014.