John Carpenter Journeys Down The Hell Within

Master of Horror John Carpenter is teaming up with award-winning Brazilian director Dennison Ramalho and “Midnight Meat Train” writer Jeff Buhler for a new horror movie called “The Hell Within” for producers Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller of Barry Films. This is in addition to Carpenter recently announcing that he’ll be directing a live-action version of the comic book “DarkChylde”.

The plot of “Hell” goes thusly:

THE HELL WITHIN tells the story of a woman who goes on a quest into the heart of a Brazilian jungle to save a girl, only to discover that the girl was just the bait.

See, this is why I always ignore a girl screaming for help. Nothing good ever comes from it.

According to director Dennison Ramalho, “The Hell Within” has “components” of Carpenter’s “The Thing”, which is never a bad thing to say about your upcoming horror/monster movie.

Carpenter, who is currently in post on his horror comeback “The Ward” with Amber Heard, will executive produce “The Hell Within” through Storm King Productions. Which should leave him plenty of time to direct that demon movie about the girl who keeps losing her clothes (below).

Amber Heard in All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) Movie Image