John Carter Battles a Big ol Furry Thing on Mars

Man, remember when you can go to Mars without some dudes chaining you up, tossing you into an arena, and expecting you to fight to the death against a big ol furry creature with giant fangs for teeth? Yup, those were the days when the Mars Tourism Bureau actually wanted your business.

Anyhoo. Here’s a fresh look at “John Carter of Mars”, featuring Taylor Kitsch as the titular John Carter having his hands more than a little full with some Martian natives. Shoulda gotten that Visa renewed, buddy.

“John Carter” stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church, Willem Dafoe, and is directed by Andrew Stanton.

Mars is open for business March 9, 2012.

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Taylor Kitsch in John Carter of Mars (2012) Movie Image

Via : EW