John Carter Can’t Leap Over The Lorax

John Carter (2012) Movie International PosterDespite a prodigious budget and heavy (and at times all-encompassing) advertising, Disney’s “John Carter” (formerly “of Mars”) couldn’t unseat last week’s #1, the CG animated “The Lorax”. Unfortunately for the Andrew Stanton-directed film, this was the expected outcome by industry insiders, and does not bode well for the film’s domestic future going forward.

After opening at #1 last week, Universal’s tree-hugging flick “The Lorax” continued its dominance in its second weekend, raking in just short of $40 million, giving the film a $121 million domestic haul in just two weeks of release. “John Carter” opened in second place with $30 million in its debut. That’s … not very good for a film that cost an estimated $250 million to make (speculation has that being the low-ball number), and at least half of that to advertise to the masses.

It’s not all bad news for Taylor Kitsch’s stab at sci-fi action hero glory, though. Disney boasts that the film did well overseas, earning $70 million from International moviegoers, with markets in China and the traditionally sci-fi-inclined Japan still on the horizon. Eventually the film may end up doing respectable numbers, though anyone hoping for a “John Carter 2” should probably stop hoping right now. Yes, hope does indeed spring eternal, but the days of John Carter’s Martian adventures seem pretty much numbered…

But hey, at least John Carter can say he did better than Eddie Murphy. The comedian’s latest, “A Thousand Words”, once again bombed with $6.3 million in its first week. For some reason, this film cost $40 million to make. I don’t know what’s worse — that Hollywood still thinks Eddie Murphy is deserving of a $40 million dollar movie, or that movies are still being written for Murphy. Either way, I wish they would just stop it.

On a more positive note, “Act of Valor” added $7 million to its tally, giving it $56 million so far in three weeks of release. It was just barely edged out by “Silent House” for fourth place. The Elizabeth Olsen-starrer did a respectable $7 million in its weekend debut.

Elizabeth Olsen in Silent House (2011) Movie Image

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