John Carter’s Lynn Collins Wouldn’t Mind Playing Wonder Woman

Lynn Collins in John Carter (2012) Movie Image

While doing junkets in support of her big-budget sci-fi actioner “John Carter”, Martian Princess Lynn Collins was asked about the possibility of playing Wonder Woman. She seems kind of up for the role. Maybe. Hard to gauge here. Being that the Wonder Woman movie is pretty much dead (along with the recent TV show incarnation), you probably shouldn’t read too much into this. At the moment, I would imagine the studios would rather keep making more Superman and Batman movies, since the last time they tried to create a franchise around another DC comic book hero (*cough*Green Lantern*cough*) it didn’t exactly go as planned.

But hey, it’s nice to think about a Wonder Woman movie anyway. Lynn Collins has certainly proved her mettle in the world of comic books, having previously played Silverfox in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. And I guess you could say that her role of Dejah Thoris in “John Carter” is kinda a comic book heroine.

“John Carter” opens this Friday in case you want to see what Lynn Collins can do in an asskicking role. Until then, here’s what Collins had to say about the possibility of playing Wonder Woman:

Via : Digital Spy