John Carter’s Lynn Collins Wouldn’t Mind Playing Wonder Woman


Lynn Collins in John Carter (2012) Movie Image

While doing junkets in support of her big-budget sci-fi actioner “John Carter”, Martian Princess Lynn Collins was asked about the possibility of playing Wonder Woman. She seems kind of up for the role. Maybe. Hard to gauge here. Being that the Wonder Woman movie is pretty much dead (along with the recent TV show incarnation), you probably shouldn’t read too much into this. At the moment, I would imagine the studios would rather keep making more Superman and Batman movies, since the last time they tried to create a franchise around another DC comic book hero (*cough*Green Lantern*cough*) it didn’t exactly go as planned.

But hey, it’s nice to think about a Wonder Woman movie anyway. Lynn Collins has certainly proved her mettle in the world of comic books, having previously played Silverfox in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. And I guess you could say that her role of Dejah Thoris in “John Carter” is kinda a comic book heroine.

“John Carter” opens this Friday in case you want to see what Lynn Collins can do in an asskicking role. Until then, here’s what Collins had to say about the possibility of playing Wonder Woman:

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Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    She would work. At 5’8″ and with her build she could do it. That said she’s also in her 30’s which is old for a franchise star to start. Personally i’d take her, and if not her then Jamie Alexander.

  • Debo4737

    Wonder Woman should be played by Gina Corano PERIOD

    • Nix

      Never gonna happen, especially after Haywire bombed.

      • Dedpool

        Agreed! Unless someone else decides that she should get another shot at movies.

    • imrickjames

      Wrong height, wrong built, wrong look. Wonder woman is a goddess, meaning she would look like a model/Olympian athlete. From the picture at the top I would say this girl has the right look, she’s also 5′ 8”. Anyway, it’s not like Corano would get the chance to lead such a franchise with Haywire’s failure, specially with the fact that DC can’t afford to take chances on new franchises after GL. Corano is going to have to work her way back up and prove she can champion a successful release, for now I think supporting roles and straight to DVD movies is her only avenue.

    • Juggernaut

      I agree with the other comments. On looks alone she is a great fit. Add to that her penchance for physicallity it sounds like a lock. However, there is the unsuccessful performance of Haywire and her lack of acting skill that would more than likely stop that choice in its tracks. I like Lynn Collins and I’m sure she could turn in an atleast half decent performance. Wonder Woman is a hard casting project. You need someone with a certain look, physicallity and almost arthurian or shakespearian air about her to bring the effect of royalty. Megan Gale from the bagged Justice League film was a good choice look wise but I’d never seen her act so who knows how that would have turned out? A WW movie more than likely isn’t going to happen anytime soon anyway. I say bring on The Dark Knight Rises this summer, The Man Of Steel next year then maybe a Green Lantern 2 in 2014??? After those I think the next step would be solo movies for a few other JL memebers like Hawkman the following year winter release done as a cross between Thor and The Mummy and then a WW movie the same year as a fall tentpole release done as an amalgam of Clash Of The Titans/The Immortals meets 300 with a shot Ripley from Aliens thrown in. After that they could get a new Batman franchise in 2016 going (which is a sure thing) and bring them all together in a Justice League movie summer of 2017!!!

  • mk

    Collins LOOKs the part and she can ACT. Unlike all the other women touted to be WW. I would be all for that. When you see John Carter, it hits you that woman could be Diana, Princess of the Amazons!!


    JODI LYNN O’KEEFE should be WONDER WOMAN. She’s the perfect one!

    • Dedpool

      Bridget Regan from “Legend of the Seeker” she’s younger and has already played a strong female character. And she’s hot and knows her way around a fight sceme or two.

  • Grsmith11 11

    I agree, Lynn Collins IS Wonder Woman! I just saw John Carter and I couldn’t STOP thinking of Wonder Woman during the entire movie!